The Centre of Chaos Banishing

Face a chosen direction, preferably North or Northeast. Begin by clearing the mind and breathing in slowly and deeply to the count of four, stop for the count of four, then exhale to the count of four. One may also wait for the count of four before the next inhalation. I should note before going any further that the total clearing of one's thought process is essential in this. Daily practice in mental stillness and breathing deeply for some time before attempting to use this method is highly recommended, as a failure to achieve the proper gnosis will lead to a failure in the ritual method, and probably in the ritual to follow as the practitioner will not have been adequately prepared.

The next step is a projection which is more than a visualisation, yet less than an astral projection. This will obviously be most accessible to those who have had experience of both. Breath control is important in this method, each projection should coincide with an outward breath, and should include a projection of oneself, one's essence you might say, along with the visualisation. I always begin this with eyes open, but somewhere along the line the eyes shut to screen out visual stimulus, usually somewhere between the Earth and stellar phases. Let the palms of the hands face groundwards while saying something like, "The stability of the Earth below me." Project one's consciousness into the ground below oneself, visualising the constructions immediately below the house and street where the ritual is being performed, unless it is occurring out of doors in which case sewers and such may be below a public place, or you may be in an unspoiled natural spot where these things have not infiltrated. Project your inner self through the visualisation and continue down through the layers of the Earth, through the crust to molten lava. All of this should take only a moment. Then bring your hands up to your heart, palms facing your chest. Draw the stabilising energy of the Earth element back into the heart chakra, the centre.

Next, raise the arms to reach for the stars and do a similar visualisation and projection past the objects in the street or other location which are visible, through the sky and into the stars and planets. This one is a key element in the process, the connection to stellar energy is the vitalising force of the banishing. When you can see unexpected random objects floating in orbits among the planets, push just a bit further to the stars beyond and then you are there. Absorb the pure energy of the stars and the solar wind saying something to the effect of "The stars above me." Simple, but direct. This will connect with the air element as well as with stellar inspiration. Bring all of this back into yourself, again using the palms to settle into the heart chakra, combining the stellar energy with the Earthy force already present. If you have been successful so far, you will already feel the centring occurring in a very big way. You will probably feel taller than your physical size, and be very aware of physical objects and living things well beyond your physical self as if you were touching them. You should be aware of a physical 'humming' which is felt rather than heard.

Reach out to the right with your right arm, preferably in a Southeast direction, and visualise the desert of Egypt with the mystical pyramids glaring in the morning Sun. Bring the element of fire into yourself saying "The Sun rises to the East...," then reach with the left arm to the left, preferably to the West, visualising the Moon lowering toward a cool ocean and say "...The Moon sets into the ocean to the West." Bring the power of water to yourself, then simultaneously bring both outstretched arms in and cross your palms over your heart, fully bringing these combined energies into the calm centre with the other forces. Feel the combined forces, the hum, and state to yourself, "And I am Chaos."

Repeat, "I am Chaos." From this point, you can launch into whatever ritual you wish to do with no further preliminaries. Some adaptation for directions may be useful for those who live in the Southern Hemisphere, but the general idea is the same and the ground is below your feet and the stars above regardless of where you are.

The centre of one's personal chaos is like the eye of the storm. It is an insular world where possibility surrounds the magician in a way that leaves one alone with one's magic. In magic, even in group workings, the magician works from within and on the bottom line is very much alone. The calm centre of a single magician can be attuned to and shared with others, but in the end this separateness will resume.