As it says, the Goblin Pages. Descriptions and Teasers for the Goblin Series and more to come!

Damh the Bard
Certainly one of the best performers of our time, and not just because he's a damn good musician. I never miss a performance when we are at the same conferences. It's pronounced Dave, really!

Phil Hine
His various writings over the years.

A resource that survives.

For the intellectual magician to contemplate theories in maths and physics.

A list with much variety, including my old essay Defining Chaos.

Anathema Occult Books
In their own words, "Portal to the Occult Underground: Magick, Crowley, Thelema, Chaos, Satanism, Fetish Sex, Dark Art, Links and more..."

Well produced website of David Rankine and Sorita. Quote a spectrum of magical information with articles, book reviews and information about magical workshops.