16 November 2015

My fiction and magic books often crossover, but never more than with the next release, The Chase For Choronzon.

This is a project I started years ago with a view towards couching magical lessons within a fictional story. I've added to it here and there, but recently decided it's time I finished it. I've also added a tribute to a magician of my acquaintance, who was lost to the world too suddely in 2014, Steve Ash.

I expect to have it available near the beginning of the new year.

It's a humorous book with a Douglas Adams sense of the irreverent, but there are serious magical elements woven within.

Progress has been slow on by books due to my film work, but I'm very close to releasing one of the films and will be able to balance the two sides of my creativity again while I finish the edit on the other film.

Several more books are planned or partially done, most notably Elemental Spirits, a book about Ganesha, and one last chaos magic book. There are others, but I will announce them here when I am at least actively working on them.

5 June 2015

If you have this website bookmarked and suddenly noticed it looks different, don't panic. I've separated my fiction writing from my occult books and this is now the home of all things chaos magic and related.

If you're looking for my Fantasy fiction, it is alive and well at jaqdhawkins.com This was my original domain name years ago and I've just activated it out of moth balls for the purpose.

So, what have I been doing? Mostly film work, but I'm actively working on a new book on nature spirits. It's just called Elemental Spirits, although there may be a subtitle by the time it gets released. This is in response to all those people who have repeatedly suggested that my writings on this subject should all be in one volume or that they should be available on ebooks. It's not a reprint of the old books, but a new tome with updated information and the benefit of more experience.

I've also got a scifi half done, but I really need to focus on one project at a time. Yes, there will be another chaos book. Again, it will be a new tome with material that has not been previously published. There are other projects in various stages of creation, but these are most likely to see the light of day first.

So, who's going to PaganCon in Preston in July? I've just got my train tickets and am looking forward to it, as usual. No I'm not doing a talk. I've had to remember that I retired from public speaking because of the need to get one of films out this year without fail. Final edit on 20 more scenes will do it.

But not to worry, I do get some writing done everyday. The above projects will be out soon.

21 May 2015

I've begun a process of redesigning my website. This was instigated by a change in my hosting and the subsequent activation of my jaqdhawkins.com domain name, which had been dormant for several years.

Having had ample time to think about how I wanted to organise my web presence, I decided to use jaqdhawkins.com for my fiction books, and dedicate jaqdhawkins.co.uk to my books on magic(k).

I intend to begin releasing new books in this subject matter this year. I have had many requests for the material in digital form and as I've developed experience in indie publishing with much of my fiction and my original publisher shows no sign of joining the digital age soon, I've settled on the solution that I would write new, updated books that cover similar subject matter, as well as finishing projects that have lain dormant for some time.

Some of these I will publish independently, others I've promised to an occult publisher whom I respect highly. To avoid conflict between publishers, new books on the material I've written about in the past will be 'indie' published. I'm hoping to finish the first of those in time for PaganCon in Preston, which occurs in July. It's a tall order, but not impossible.

While you're here, please sign up for my Mailing List. I won't constantly spam you with inane posts, I promise. The list for announcing new releases and significant events, nothing more.