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Understanding Chaos Magic

This is an introductory book. It is written for a widespread audience, ranging from the merely curious to the serious student of magic who wishes to learn about this area. It is designed to be as appropriate to the shelves of a traditional bookshop as much as to the specialised occult suppliers. There are specialist terms used by chaos magicians which are still new to everyone else. It is the intention that after reading this book, you may have a reasonable understanding of what they are talking about!
Capall Bann Publishing 2003
ISBN 1898307 938

German edition from Edition Esoterick

Chaosmagie - Grundlagen und Hintergründe
Edition Esoterick, Siegburg 2005
120 Seiten, Paperback - Preis EUR 14,90
Format 14,8 x 21cm (DIN A5)
ISBN 3-936830-13-4
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The Chaos Monkey

This is a book of magic, but also a guidebook on how to survive the natural chaos which plagues those who choose the magical path ... or more precisely are chosen by it. With a pinch of humour and a dash of irony, Ms. Hawkins offers us an alternate perspective of the perversities of magic we all know too well, personified as the Monkey, the trickster image which represents the convoluted landscape of life which the magical path leads us through. With some practical advice and basic spells designed to work within the very world of chaos wherein magic finds its direction, this book is a simple yet unequalled sourcebook for dealing with the unpredictability of magic in a multiverse of natural chaos, the realm of The Chaos Monkey.
Capall Bann Publishing 2002
ISBN 186163 188X

Women of Power: The Woman as Magus

Throughout history, women have practised the arts of magic. Sometimes in secret, her inherent affinity with the realm of the arcane feared in some cultures by her male counterpart, women have taken roles in magic ranging from Temple Priestesses to practising Alchemists.

Yet even in today's world where Witchcraft is practised openly and women authors populate the occult bookshelves with many a tome ranging from the New Age to modern Wicca, still little is heard from the untold numbers of women who choose the path, of The Magician.
Capall Bann Publishing 2006
ISBN 186163 241 X

The Spirits of the Elements Series

From Capall Bann Publishing

Spirits of the Earth

This is the first volume in the Spirits of the Elements series in which Jaq D Hawkins shares an understanding of the basic nature of elemental spirits with her readers. Within each volume, Ms. Hawkins explains to us the nature of the element, types of spirits asociated with each element, and correspondences in magical thought as well as rituals and divination methods in natural magic.

Included in Spirits of the Earth are types of natural objects, and sometimes man-made objects, which attract Earth Spirit inhabitants as well as methods to see or communicate with these elemental spirits, places of worship or invocation, and the nature of thought form spirits associated with the Earth element. From fanciful fairies to guardian spirits of stone circles, Spirits of the Earth is a 'must have' for anyone who has an interest in elemental spirits.
Capall Bann Publishing 1998
ISBN 186163002-6

Spirits of the Air

In this second volume in the Spirits of the Elements series, Ms.Hawkins progresses into the inspirational realm of Air elemental spirits and continues to relate these spirits to magical correspondences, rituals and divination methods.

Included in Spirits of the Air are examples of types of Air spirits, methods for communicating and seeking cooperation from these spirits, expanded instructions for dealing with thought-form spirits and more. From spirits of storms to messengers of the gods themselves, Spirits of the Air is an integral sourcebook for seekers of elemental magic.
Capall Bann Publishing 1998
ISBN 186163065-4

Spirits of the Fire

In this third volume of the Spirits of the Elements series, we encounter yet a new perspective of elemental spirits - and find ourselves confronted with all of the passion and intensity, and even the dangers, of the element of Fire. Included in Spirits of the Fire are new aspects of the nature and types of elemental spirits as well as new approaches to elemental spirit magic. Also included are methods for focusing and directing the dynamic forces of Fire spirits, and for evoking the power of the spirit of Fire through ecstatic dance and other methods. Whether we seek the assistance of a spirit of a flame or the potency of the spirit of passion in magic, Spirits of the Fire is an essential addition to the library of any practitioner of elemental spirit magic.
Capall Bann Publishing 1999
ISBN 186163076-X

Spirits of the Water

In the fourth volume of the Spirits of the Elements series, we encounter the multi-faceted nature of Water Spirits. We see both the calming and the turbulent world of emotions reflected in the personifications of elemental spirits, and learn about many of the spirits who are traditionally associated with bodies of water as well as the ordinary water spirits which we encounter from day to day. From spirits of holy wells and streams to those of an ordinary glass of tap water, the spirits of the Water have much to teach us about the role of emotion in magic. With more than twice the amount of practical information as any of the previous volumes of the series, Spirits of the Water is absolutely required reading for anyone who pratises magic with elemental spirits.
Capall Bann Publishing 2000
ISBN 186163090-5

Spirits of the Aether

In this fifth and final volume of the Spirits of the Elements series, the various aspects of the spirits of the basic four elements are brought into focus as a whole, as we delve into the worlds of Spirit itself. Ghosts, Angels, demons, fairies ... all have their place in the world of Spirit. The definitions of these spirits may surprise some, almost as much as their respective uses in magic are seen from a new perspective, surmounting the limitations which superstitions have traditionally attached to some forms of Aetherial spirits. Whether poltergeists or divine interventions, the 'things that go bump in the night' will never sound quite the same again after reading The Spirits of the Aether.
Capall Bann Publishing 2001
ISBN 186163145-6